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The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer 2/5
I thought the premise sounded interesting.  The main character is on the run from her former employers.  She works hard to stay anonymous and sets booby traps in her house every night, in case they have found her and have come to kill her.  This has been her life for three years when one of her former co-workers contacts her.  He says they have one last job for her, and if she helps them, she will be free to live a relatively normal life with no one chasing her.  The book started off so well.  It was interesting and mysterious.  There was suspense for a while.  And then it went downhill.  A sudden, unrealistic romance was introduced.  There was way too much description of everything from emotions to what was inside a toolbox.  It got too long and tedious.  The mystery and suspense were gone.  Overall, it was just okay.

Date: 2017-06-01 10:18 pm (UTC)
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Just now seeing this...that's a bummer. It does sound like an interesting premise. I want to read another book like it. Haha.


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