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Only 5 books finished in June!! :-O However, that's mostly because I'm in the middle of a behemouth of an omnibus (1079) and I still have a couple of hundred of pages to go on that one. It'll make my numbers for July awesome though.

I'm going out tonight, so the chances of me finishing any more books before June's out are slim to none, so I figured I might as well post this now.

Something New - Lucy Knisley, 4/5, 292 pages
My sister is all kinds of awesome and got me this as a "just because" present :-D

It totally lived up to my expectations, and I found myself choking up on more than one occasion. I'm really glad my wedding was a lot simpler though! I don't blame Lucy for getting stressed out by all the things she had to get sorted.

A very feel-good memoir that will have a lot of good advice for a bride-to-be and which can't help but make those already married think back fondly on their own wedding :-)

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck - Sarah Knight, 3.5/5, 179 pages
I decided to pick this up after watching a TED-talk with Sarah Knight and really liking the way she presented herself and her ideas.

Unfortunately the book itself couldn't quite live up to my expectations. While Sarah's theories were very interesting, I found it hard to relate to the things/concepts Sarah herself decided to no longer give a f*ck about, and therefore couldn't quite figure out how to apply it to my own life.... or perhaps I'm just fortunate enough that I don't give many unwarranted f*cks when it comes to things, friends and family :-D

Either way, I'm glad I read it, as it did provide some useful tactics (e.g. the NotSorry method), but it probably won't have as large an impact on my life as I'd hoped after watching the TED-talk (which can be found here).

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas, 4/5, 431 pages
A lot darker than the first one, that's for sure. But in its own way, I think it was better written (fewer instances of "two months went by where this happened"). I had a very hard time putting it down, and turned straight to the third novel in the series.

I thought the relationships seemed more believable in this one - or more fleshed out at least. I'd seen the so-called 'twists' coming a mile off though.

Little Fuzzy - H. Beam Piper*, 4.5/5, 252 pages
Just as good the second time around :) But it did have a rather surprisingly graphic depiction of violence later on in the book, which made me happy that I reread it myself before recommending it to my niece. Even as an adult it made me shudder.

Emerald House Rising - Peg Kerr*, 5/5, 336 pages
Didn't have quite the same sensation of not being able to put down the book on my second time around, but I still really enjoyed it, and read the last 150 pages in one sitting. It's a bit slow to start, but once it does it's greatly enjoyable and I really got to care about the characters.

Such a shame the sequel never happened. I would have loved to read that!

Book of the Month: Something New
Biggest disappointment: None :-) I enjoyed all the books I read this month.
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