Jan. 5th, 2017

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The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey. A very unusual zombie-story - partly because the zombie is the main character, and the story is (mostly) told from her viewpoint! She's able to think, feel and even empathise, and knows absolutely, positively that eating her favourite teacher is wrong! Brilliant book, fascinating world-building and a story I couldn't put down.

Wish Upon a Star - Trisha Ashley and The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After - Jenny Colgan were two amazingly sweet comfort-books I read this year. Just cozy, feel-good books to crawl into. I really loved both of them.

Britt-Marie Was Here - Fredrik Backman, while also a comfort book, has a bit more substance to it, as an elderly woman - newly divorced - has to learn how to manage on her own and is forced to open up to new experiences and new friends. It made me laugh and cry - such a good read :)

Take it as a Compliment - Maria Stoian, on the other hand, is NOT a comfort book. It's a graphic novel/memoir about how damaging the current trend of rape-culture and victim-blaming. I'm going to issue a trigger-warning right away, to anybody who's been sexually abused - both verbally and physically - but it is such an IMPORTANT book, that I have to mention it anyway. If I could, I'd make it mandatory reading in all high-schools.

The Book of Life - Deborah Harkness is the third book in the "All Saints" trilogy, and one of the best fantasy epics I've read in a long time. There are witches, vampires, werewolves, time-travel, romance and adventure galore. I've loved all three books in the series and was completely book-hungover after finishing the last one.

Another excellent fantasy/sci-fi series is the Touchstone Trilogy by Andrea K. Höst. I read the first one (Stray) in 2015 and the rest last year. An Australian girl accidentally steps through a wormhole and travels to a foreign planet, where she's found by humanoid aliens. Brilliant series!

I read a lot of suspense/thriller books this year, and was very pleased with most of them. My two favourites were The Woman in Cabin 10 - Ruth Ware and The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena. Neither crossed the line to scary-don't-dare-put-it-down, but both were absolutely terrific reads :)

And finally, no faves list of mine is complete without a travelogue. In 2016 my favourite was Wrong Way Round - Lorna Hendry about a family traveling around Australia. Loved it! I'm a huge fan of living vicariously through others ;-)


Unfortunately, I read some real duds this year as well. The worst probably being The Boyfriend App - Katie Sise. It started out well enough, but took a turn for the decidedly strange and actually pro-rape (as long as it's done by a girl to a boy, 'natch). Not a YA book I'd recommend to ANYBODY.

Equally strange (but a lot less harmful) was Down With the Shine - Kate Karys Quinn. I read that with a permanent eyeroll on my face, and would not have been the least surprised if it had ended up with "and then she woke up and it was all a dream".

I was very interested in reading Overcoming Stress - Tim Cantopher as I was on sickleave due to stress in 2014 and wanted to see if Tim Cantopher had any handy hints for me, but unfortunately I think he really missed the mark and made some very problematic statements in this book, that I could ignore, but might be actually damaging to others. So give that one a miss.

Transylvanian Mail Order Bride - Elliott Wolfson was so badly written that it crossed the line to funny (although probably unintentionally so), and turned into a crazy train-wreck style book, where I just had to know what sort of ridiculous thing he'd write next!

In the "disappointing, but not actually bad" category I have Breaking Free - Beth Moore, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - Rachel Joyce, Afterworlds - Scott Westerfeld and Atlantia - Ally Condie

Reading goals
I don't have any particular reading goals for 2017. I want to read 150 books, and have a smaller TBR-pile at the end of 2017 than I did at the beginning of the year (203 books), but that's about it :)


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