Mar. 5th, 2017

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Hester Browne – The runaway princess 4,5/5
Amy Wilde, a simple Yorkshire girl, is trying to fit in in the London high life. When she meets Leo, she can't believe her luck. A man who understands her and likes her for who she is! But soon the discovery that he is actually a prince turns her life upside down. Suddenly she has to deal with glittering galas, her supermodel mother-in-law and the press interest in her life and family.

Such a charming and lovely story! And what a recognizable character Amy is with her enjoyment of simple pleasures and her love for her parents. I loved the relationship between Leo and her, all the sweet things he did to win Amy over. He really is a dreamboat of a guy! Despite the typical rom-com storyline (girl meets secret prince), this novel felt actually mostly realistic, probably because it stayed so close to Amy and how she felt and underwent everything. A definite recommendation for anyone wanting to read a sweet, warm and funny romance.

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