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With the busy holiday season I only managed to read one book this month. Hopefully I'll do better with my reading goals in 2009.

1. I Am a Soldier Too: The Jessica Lynch Story by: Rick Bragg
I remembered seeing and hearing quite a bit about Jessica Lynch when the US first entered the 2003 war on Iraq. At that time I was too busy to follow the story in detail, but I have always been interested in her experience. The book is suppose to be the closest first hand account by Jessica Lynch written and told by author Rick Bragg. Sadly, the book didn't live up to my expectations and Bragg goes down as a terrible writer. He has so many cheesy sentences that lack structure and are unable to tell cohesive story that I almost gave up. It was that annoying. The story and recollection from Jessica Lynch also disappoints. Her story seems to be able to be summed up in a chapter or less, but Bragg drags it out a full 240 pages. I thought there were so many issues that could have been talked brought up and discussed, but sadly it all sails under the radar, and the reader is left with a very forced "war hero' story. 1/5


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