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A Tenderfoot Bride:  Tales from the Old Ranch, by Clarice E. Richards, 1920
eBook free from Project Gutenberg
Image of the Old Ranch View of Pike's Peak
An engaging, pleasant biographical (or perhaps quasi-biographical) account of the adventures of a young couple from the east as they take on cattle-ranching in Colorado.  They run into obstacles with the former ranch owner--whom they find difficult to boot out--and in keeping neighboring cattle off their land due to restrictions from the Federal Government concerning neighboring free-range land.  A mystery of perceived evil of the former owner--no one could quite pin him on it--and friendships with the neighbors and ranch hands are woven into the fabric of the story.  A major theme is the changing nature of the times and economy and the need to be resilient, to adapt and evolve, and sometimes to let go of one thing when it is time to take hold of the next.  

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[livejournal.com profile] moredetails asks for us to post some things! (Good idea!)

I had a little vacation back in May and started an account of some books I read then--some quite worthy of description. . . .and then (as usual) I got too busy to finish the post.  So, before I move on to some books read since then, I might as well post these:

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