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I just wanted to share a link I came across in seeking out some new authors to try.

Cozy Mystery List

"Cozy Mysteries" are the types of mysteries I tend to like, but I didn't realize they had been grouped into their own genre (or sub-genre, I guess). They are usually kind of light-hearted with few to no gory or risqué scenes, according to the lady who runs this site (think Mary Higgins Clark or Agatha Christie). Usually the main character is a woman who has a regular job but happens to be intuitive enough to solve murder cases that constantly come her way.

Anyway, if you enjoy that genre, that page has a whole bunch of authors listed, along with the books they've written and then links to their Amazon info.
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[livejournal.com profile] eattheolives suggested we post to introduce ourselves, so here I am. While I enjoy reading, I am not known to *always* have a book in my hand, but no one would find it surprising or weird, either. A few reading facts:

1. Growing up I read a lot of books like Cam Jansen, Ramona Quimby books, Babysitters Club and that series with the twins who solve mysteries. They had titles like Marshmallow Masquerade. I also liked young adult books where the teenage girl finds love, etc. I guess I was a very typical chick. :) I have never read a Sweet Valley High book, for some reason.

2. In my 20s (I'm 31 now), my commute to work was mostly over an hour each way. I also took several long road trips. This is what got me started on audio books. I love audio books and consider them a fun treat while driving. Audio book pet peeves: readers who have an annoying voice, scratches or messed up tapes to ruin part of the book, no warning before the end of the CD, and once I even read an abridged book (I didn't realize) that had another voice for parts of it to tie sections together. It was ridiculous. :P

3. I can't read in the car or I'll get carsick. I can read in planes, though.

4. Aside from some of the Cam Jansen books that I read a bunch as a 3-5th grader, the book I've read the most times through is This Time of Darkness by H. M. Hoover. I obviously recommend it.

5. It wasn't until summer of 2004 when I was first introduced to the world of Christian fiction. For some reason I had only a passing knowledge that such books existed, and I assumed they were all very corny. Some are, but I've still managed to read a bunch over the past 4 years. Thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] trozzort for introducing me. :) My first Christian fiction book? The Princess by Lori Wick. I liked it.

6. I really enjoy mysteries and am always interested in recommendations for suspense/mystery writers (Christian and non) who don't get too gory. I can't handle that.

A final note: if you can try and remember to tag your entries, I think that would be great! Especially when you're discussing a particular author. I'm terrible at this, though. :)


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